Why has the transaction volume of OTC payment platform hit new highs repeatedly? Chu Ke will tell you

2021-01-13 News

The OTC (over-the-counter transaction) process itself is not complicated. Before the seller places an order, the corresponding digital assets must be submitted to the wallet of the OTC platform. Once a buyer submits the order, the platform will freeze the seller’s digital assets first, and wait until the buyer successfully sends the money to the existing payment methods After the seller, the platform will allocate the corresponding digital assets to the buyer.

When Bitcoin was first born, there was no trading platform, and all transactions were over-the-counter transactions. Today, the trading volume of exchanges is declining, but the OTC payment platform has repeatedly hit new highs.

For exchanges, OTC transactions are essentially earning fees. However, in the long run, the reason for the current coldness of the entire digital asset market is that the amount of funds is too small. If outsiders want to speculate in coins, the first reaction is how to convert money and coins. Who can open up this channel can Get more incremental funds and incremental users.

OTC payment system two-way transaction, free trading, safe and reliable.
The OTC payment system has no fixed place, no prescribed membership, no strict controllable rules and systems, no prescribed trading products and restrictions. It solves the problem that some markets do not have a centralized and unified transaction system and matching mechanism. The use of otc over-the-counter transaction mode can realize the combination of one-to-one fast buying and selling transactions conducted by both parties through private negotiation.

Quick trading: OTC is a P2P trading platform that does not involve a third party, and the transaction process is convenient and fast; safe and reliable: bank-level security technologies such as cold storage, SSL, and multiple encryption, and a security team with ten years of financial security experience;
Timely control: WEB, APP multi-terminal, timely control of market conditions, transactions anytime, anywhere.
Three simple steps to complete the pending order operation:
Publish buy advertisement Publish sell advertisement———fill in payment information and release successfully—release successfully to freeze assets
Five simple steps to ensure that your holding transactions are completed quickly:
The buyer concludes a transaction with the seller-the buyer deposits money into the seller's account-the seller confirms the payment-the buyer confirms the receipt of the currency-the buyer completes the transaction with the seller

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