Chuk software will show you why everyone chooses the mall direct sales system

2020-11-09 News

With so many e-commerce systems on the market, how does the mall direct sales system stand out among the many mall systems? Regardless of whether it is a distribution online store system, a resident mall system or a mall direct sales system, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. But as a merchant who opens an online mall website, what is the reason for choosing a mall direct sales system? What are the advantages of the mall direct sales system? The editor of Chuk Software will chat with everyone.

  1. Lower cost and larger order
    E-commerce direct sales management software creates low product costs, and the mall direct sales software has complete functions. Therefore, customers are basically merchants, and each time the order is large, there will be a group of long-term cooperative merchants on the basis of ensuring quality and cost, and direct sales of e-commerce malls will bring objective benefits.
  2. Effectively control the source of products and resist counterfeit and shoddy products.
    After the customer places an order, the direct sales software of the mall directly distributes the products from the factory to the customers. The logistics and products are directly specified by the merchant in the mall software, avoiding the participation of counterfeit and shoddy goods in the middle, and making the subsequent customer experience better It is guaranteed that the brand image built by the mall’s direct e-commerce website has been better improved.

Third, save the price of advertising
For small and medium-sized companies, the advertising cost of promoting new products is a big expense, and the creation of e-commerce direct marketing management software can not only take advantage of the advantages of rapid information dissemination on the Internet, but also use the customer service management of the mall software, and the customer service can explain patiently With the explanation, new products will be able to enter the consumer market. Therefore, e-commerce direct sales software management to build a business model can greatly save product advertising prices and effectively increase the company's profit margins.

Fourth, direct sales can better solve the contradiction between production and demand for the company
What the company produces and how much it produces depends mainly on market forecasts. Whether the market forecast is accurate or not, it is necessary to take the product to the market to test it, and through information feedback, can it be known whether the company’s products are marketable. The fourth advantage of building a direct sales e-commerce website is: it allows the company to reduce some links in the circulation, allows the information to be more directly and quickly fed back to the production company, and allows the company to quickly adjust the variety, quality, and quality of the products produced. The quantity, scale and speed can meet the needs of consumers. The creation of direct selling e-commerce websites has a certain effect on solving the contradiction between production and demand.

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