Application environment analysis of mall apps in the next 10 years

2020-02-21 News

With the number of Internet users in China reaching 772 million, the number of mobile phone users reaching 695 million, and the mobile shopping market's transaction scale reaching 820.15 billion, the number is quite strong; moreover, Tmall ’s YD-end shopping ratio has surpassed the PC end, and JD.com mobile shopping is also approaching 50%, mobile shopping e-commerce is also becoming a mainstream online shopping channel.
App store development has become a thing that everyone is pursuing. With such a large mobile user base, as long as you operate it properly, profitability is not a problem. Maybe you would say that now that there are so many apps and so many brands, who will download your unfamiliar apps? You ca n’t talk so much. You see a lot of apps, is n’t it just two years of rise? 100 million users? Pull away, let's see how the Mall App is better.

I. User requirements

1, Mall App development is standardized and standardized.

  1. Quality assurance of mall app products.

3, with more complete mall functions.

  1. Have sufficient integrity and financial strength to pass various nuclear audits and related certifications.

II. Advantages of Mall App Development

  1. Create high-end business cards and establish high-end corporate image.
  2. Develop the fifth media channel to achieve mobile App marketing.
  3. Use cool experience to attract users' focus.
  4. Reduce the threshold of communication between enterprises and customers.
  5. The use of simultaneous release and presentation is more conducive to corporate promotion.

App custom development: Compared with traditional apps, the advantages are numerous, the mobile Internet divides the crowd, and the circle culture rises. "Small and refined" and "Small and beautiful" have become the trend of App. If enterprises want to survive in the era of mobile Internet, they must change the traditional corporate marketing model. Therefore, the development of the Mall App is by no means a problem.