Chuk Popular Classroom: Why Choose OTC Payment Platform

2021-01-19 News

OTC is an over-the-counter transaction model/counter transaction. The transaction is transferred offline, and the two people discuss price issues offline and conduct transactions. The platform has played a role of guarantee. At this time, the system of the trading platform is required to be powerful, which can well control the problem of breach of contract by both parties.
Increase data security and market information transparency through blockchain technology; eliminate dependence on third parties and improve efficiency by bypassing agency banks, etc.; improve the communication methods between transaction parties. Blockchain technology is also an indispensable part of the smooth progress of over-the-counter trading technology.

Why choose an over-the-counter trading platform?

  1. Fast trading: OTC is a p2p trading platform that does not involve third parties, and the trading process is convenient and fast
  2. Safe and reliable: bank-level security technologies such as cold storage, multiple encryption, and a security team with ten years of financial security experience
  3. Timely control: web and app multiple terminals, timely grasp of market conditions, transactions anytime, anywhere

The process of trading Bitcoin on an over-the-counter trading platform can be described as:

  1. The seller places a sell order on the platform
  2. The buyer places an order, and the platform locks the seller’s Bitcoin
  3. The buyer pays the seller by bank transfer and Alipay, and then informs the platform that the payment has been made
  4. After the seller confirms receipt of the payment, he chooses to release the locked currency, and the platform transfers the currency to the buyer's account
  5. The transaction is completed

What are the characteristics of OTC payment platform?

  1. There are many types of transactions, and all blockchain assets recognized by the market can be traded here
  2. It is a relative market, non-listed, freely negotiated price
  3. It is an abstract market without a fixed place and time

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